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Posted 30/5/2023

3 for 1 Driving hours3 for 1 Driving hours

Did you hear about the 3 for 1 bonus hours initiative?

When you have structured driving lessons with a registered NSW Driving Instructor, you may be able to record bonus hours in your log book!

Driving Instructors who are registered/ licenced to teach in NSW can roll this amazing program out for you. As long as the NSW licenced Driving Instructor follows a lesson plan that focuses on the principles in your log book then you are most likely able to record 3 hours for every one hour! If the lesson is during the day you will get 3 marked day hours and if the lesson is at night then you will get 1 night hour and 2 day hours recorded. Sorry, you need to get all the night hours of actual driving experience, no short cuts there!

There is no limit on the amount of hours you can do behind the wheel with a Driving Instructor in NSW however there is a cap on the triple hours initiative. Only the first 10 hours with an instructor count towards the program so you will get 30 marked hours in your log book through those 10 lessons. You can continue getting lessons with an Instructor after the 10 hours however they will revert to being recorded at 1 hour.

There are a few things to know about the initiative but your NSW registered Driving Instructor should know the program well and should be able to answer any questions that you have about the 3 for 1 initiative.

So, all you really need to do is get behind the wheel with a professional NSW licenced Driving Instructor and sign some paperwork at the end of each structured lesson! Easy Peasy!